July 20, 2018



Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

Discounts: City Pass

Worth the Price? Yes


Busch Gardens holds a special place in my heart and has been my favorite zoological facility that I have worked for thus far. I find great ease in getting around the park; however, the biggest downside as a guest is the park is shaped like a giant donut so you cannot cross through the middle (it’s an employees only area). This theme park has rides, shows, and animal exhibits which makes it difficult to do everything in one day. If you are there just for the zoo aspect, they have a fairly decent collection including 3 big cat species, 3 great ape species, and Asian elephant. All of their habitats are beautiful to photograph and there are minimal limitations to my DSLR. They are known for their veterinary clinic where on a lucky day you could see a tiger, but on most days you’ll find their zoo hospital filled with rescued local injured wildlife, especially birds. Animal Connections is the most hands on area of the park. Here you can feed flamingos and meet random exotic animals throughout the day such as aardvarks, sloths, and parrots. You can occasionally meet some of the animals that live at this facility at the Animal Care Center. There is no petting zoo, but you can pet the kangaroos for free and for an additional price feed them as well. There is also an aviary for feeding lorikeets. The park is not too hilly but I find it easy to still get worn out from walking circles around the park. A steep ticket price, but very reasonable considering the additional theme park factors.


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