July 20, 2018
July 20, 2018




Location: The Zoo Atlanta is located just a few exits off the highway from the Georgia Aquarium.

Discounts: Yes

Worth the Price? Yes


I found that this zoo was almost divided in half in that the entire right side of the zoo was designed for children and all of the major animal habitats were on the left hand side. When I went to visit it had been raining for a few days prior so the ground was incredibly muddy which means a lot of animals were either not out or were covered with red clay. The habitats were huge which is great but that means you need a good zoom lens and I wish they had more grass in some of the areas. The fencing was decent and did not interfere with most of my shots. They do provide a lot of areas to potentially get really close up to some of the animals. One of my favorite spots was this squareish viewing area that had two walls of windows that let you get up close to both the Sumatran tigers and the Malayan sun bears. This zoo is also outstanding because it is one of four zoos in America that has giant panda bears. This is a really popular habitat to be at but I had no trouble sitting down in front of the glass and taking photos as people came and went. Unlike other facilities with panda, there was not a wait line to view the bears. There are both indoor and outdoor enclosures, I’m not particularly a fan of most indoor spaces due to tacky and unnatural backdrops. Personally I prefer mammals but if you’re into reptiles they built a state of the art indoor facility for your scaly friends. The zoo was fairly easy to get done within the day and worth a visit if you’re in the area.


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